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Prescription Safety Glasses Prescription Safety Glasses

At Optical Discount Centre in Narre Warren we supply certified and compliant Prescription Safety Glasses for the workplace.

Inadequate or inappropriate eye protection and failure to observe occupational health and safety practices are the major causes of workplace eye injuries. 

If you wear glasses then Prescription Safety Glasses are required because standard glasses are not impact resistant.

Prescription safety glasses provide physical protection for the eye area. Don't risk using non-compliant eyewear as your business will be in breach of regulations.

If you need glasses then you should wear prescription safety glasses because;

  • Poor vision reduces productivity. 
  • Poor vision causes accidents. 
  • Poor vision contributes to worker fatigue. 
  • Standard glasses are not impact resistant. 
  • Non-prescription safety glasses will not give good vision. 

At ODC, we provide easy eye protection for your workplace:

Hassle Free!

  • Take advantage of our Early bird opening hours from 8am on Tuesdays - by appointment - for prescription safety glasses only.
  • Ask for a catalogue of prescription safety glasses we have in stock now, for your workplace today!
  • Easy, convenient parking right out the front.
  • Don't waste time traipsing through the shopping centre, we're located as an independent store in Narre Warren, opposite Spotlight. - across Cranbourne-Narre Warren Road from Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

Australian Standards Certified and Compliant
At ODC we supply Certified and Compliant Prescription Safety glasses with the new Australian Standard AS/NZs1337.6 'Prescription eye protectors against low and medium impact,' published on 17th April 2007. This is a compulsory standard which all prescription safety glasses must meet. If your Prescription Safety Glasses don’t have the manufacturers trade mark and the letter “R” on the lens, they are not Australian Standards compliant. The same applies to the frame, our frames all say PSG on the arm - (our manufacturer). Don't risk getting non-compliant eyewear as your business will be in breach of regulations.

We use PSG brand prescription safety eyewear, which provides the highest level of eye protection as required by standards, while satisfying each individuals need for style and comfort.

PSG safety frames are manufactured to standards exceeding those of regular ophthalmic frames, offer a range of styles, sizes and colours that make them a favourite with employees and employers alike. Each frame model in the PSG range meets the Australian and International requirements of AS/NZs1337.6, AS/NZs1337, AS2228.1, ANSI Z87.1-2003 (medium impact) & EN166-F (low energy medium impact). PSG's Polycarbonate and Nikon 1.6 glazed models offer MEDIUM IMPACT protection as per AS/NZs1337.6. 

Medium impact is the required standard. High impact rating cannot be achieved with safety glasses, only with a face shield.

Quality Assurance 
Our manufacturer conducts ballistic testing on a random 1% sampling of completed Prescription Safety Glasses as part of their Quality Testing.

Optical Discount Centre is an Optometrist owned practice proudly supplying quality prescription safety glasses in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

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  • All of our glasses are sold as package deals. This means that the price on the frame includes standard, single vision, hard coated lenses.
  •  If you choose a frame from the $99 package range, and you want Bifocals at $60 per pair, it will cost you $159
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